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Windows Vista IS the Killer Feature

January 16, 2007

SearchWinIT.com has an article outlining the new must-have features for Windows Vista. The author, Bernie Klinder, notes that there isn’t a single killer feature, but rather Vista is ful of smaller features that overall add up to the “must-have” aspect of Vista. He says once you’ve used Vista, it is almost painful to go back to XP. Here is his list of items:

  • Integrated Search
  • Power Management
  • Network Management
  • Ad Hoc Wireless
  • Presentation Mode (AWESOME)
  • Previous Versions
  • Mobility Center
  • Document Previews
  • Guided Help and Automated Diagnostics
  • Aero

Not all of these features will appeal to everyone, but overall Vista looks very promising. I plan on getting a new laptop once the OEM version comes out… I’ll be sure to review it in detail then. In the meantime, read the rest of Kindler’s article for more details.

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