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Visual Studio 2008 goes RTM!

November 20, 2007

OK, so I may have lied, but not by much!

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting for my MSDN number to be granted, I saw on MSDN that VS2008 went RTM!? I did finish the VS2008 Beta 2 download, but I never installed it. After waiting all day, I was finally able tog et my MSDN number from Microsoft and am currently downloading the VS2008 ISO file.? Tomorrow will be install day!

But since I am here, let me grouse a bit: why in the world does it take 24-72 hours for a couple of databases at Microsoft to share information?? I just can’t believe that there is this kind of delay.? One of the MSDN techs told me that it takes one day to get the data into the “Subscriber” database, and another to get it into the “Downloads” database. What gives? Microsoft of all companies shoul dbe able to make this sort of event automatic and practically instantaneous!? It just boggles the mind a little.

But hey, who cares!? I’ll soon be in .NET 3.5, and I hope you’ll join me there soon.

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