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Extension Methods Update

January 2, 2008

I’ve been working on some more Extension Method stuff (I’ll be sharing soon!), and in the process I updated the DevelopingForDotNet.Extensions namespace.? Here is a list of the updated methods:

  • DateTime.GetDateString() – accepts an Enum for the format of the DateTime string (Enum is part of the namespace).? Overridden to allow control over the separator character.
  • DateTime.TwoDigitYear() – returns the Year of the DateTime in two digit format.? Great for aligning with legacy data.
  • IDictionary.ExecuteOnValues<K, V>() – performs an Action<V> on each Value in a Dictionary.
  • decimal.ConvertToMoney() – Converts any decimal to a two decimal precision numeric.? Overridden to allow control over rounding behavior.
  • decimal.GetMoneyString() – Converts a decimal to Money and returns a properly formatted string.
  • decimal.GetUSMoneyString() – implements the above, but specific to US Currency.? Also overridden for rounding.
  • long.ConvertToWords() – converts a long value to spelled out words.
  • decimal.GetDecimalNumbers() – returns just the decimal portion to the right of the decimal point as an integer.
  • StringBuilder.Clear() – clears all text from a StringBuilder (sets its length to 0).

Be sure to download the update.? Keep watching, there will be more to come.

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