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Sun agrees to buy MySQL

January 19, 2008

OK, so I know this is not a .NET specific topic, but I thought this was important enough to share.? According to SitePoint.com, one of my favorite sites and publishers, Sun is buying MySQL for $1 Billion.? MySQL has been instrumental in the growth of Open Source, the acceptance of PHP, and the explosion of Internet interests such as blogs.? Without a stable, reliable, easy to use, free database, none of these things would have been nearly as successful or prolific as they have been.? For many, this represents a sell out by one of the corner stones of the Open Source movement.

Fortunately, according to the post above, Sun has a good track record of acquiring but not destroying Open Source technologies:

But there is other evidence of Sun understanding the value of keeping software open source and free: projects like OpenOffice.org and NetBeans haveSubo en un juego de casino es la aceptaci?n tacita del envite de otro jugador incrementandolo en la cantidad indicada. healthy communities and promising road maps. In fact, if you examine Sun?s current offerings to the corporate world, the only key component missing from the portfolio (and one that competitors such as Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft already offer) is a database. MySQL, with over 10 million installations worldwide (including high-traffic sites such as Google and Facebook) is a natural fit.

I have written here before about one of my first projects, a wrapper system for accessing multiple ADO.NET data sources.? MySQL was one of the initial databases that project supported (and still does today).? We use MySQL a lot for Internet applcations, so I will be watching this development with some interest.

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