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Great new CSS Reference

February 1, 2008

I’ve been doing web development for about ten yearsIl regole poker ? un gioco di carte. now and have been a big fan of CSS since about 2000.? I’ve also been a big fan of SitePoint publications since they put out their first book, and I still buy most of their books even though I don’t do as much hands on web development as I used to.

In their blog they recently announced their new free online CSS reference, so naturally I went right over and checked it out.? The site is very well done and has the high level of quality I have come to expect from them. The navigation is good and easy to follow, and the individual property pages are well written.? Each one includes an example and descriptions of all the possible values as well as a grid that shows how well the feature is supported by the various browsers.

If you develop for the web at all, this is a site you must have in your bookmarks.

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