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Sitepoint's new HTML Reference

March 12, 2008

I recently blogged about SitePoint.com releasing its CSS Reference. Today, they released the next great addition to their online reference material, the HTML Reference.

Again, I am impressed by their offering.? It is clean, well thought out, and easy to use.? It is also pretty neat to look at the source code for it: a good model of simple and unencumbered HTML.? The developers at SitePoint really know their stuff!

If you have been following the blog recently, you’ll know that I am very much a nuts and bolts guy when it comes to developing web sites (hence my recent love affair with ASP.NET MVC).? Even so, I frequently forget details when it comes to obscure HTML tags and attributes.? Intellisense support in VS2008 for HTML has been a real help, but you still have to know what the intended results should be. To that end, I expect that I will be visiting this new reference many times.? If you have to write, read, or understand HTML,this resource should definitely be in your library.

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