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[REPOST] – Geeking on a Saturday

June 6, 2008

In a recent post entitled I am a Professional Geek, I mentioned that I only geek at work. Well, Saturday I had the opportunity to prove just how deep that particular Rabbit hole goes… I gave a presentation on .NET 3.5 Language Enhancements at the Richmond Code Camp Saturday morning, and boy did I stink! I really had trouble focusing my message and expressing myself. I was live coding and kept screwing up the syntax (to those attending, I was missing the delegate keyword on the Local Methods demonstration). We have a tendency to judge ourselves harshly, so I can only hope that the attendees didn’t think it went as poorly as I felt.

I guess every one has off days: Babe Ruth struck out a lot and Edison found 2,000 ways not to make a light bulb. Even Einstein stank up the joint on occasion (read about “The Ether” sometime). Not that I am Einstein, Edison, or Ruth: clearly I’m not. But I believe it is important to give ourselves these pep talks when we mess up. Let’s face it: as programmers, we mess up a lot!

So what’s the lesson? For me it is that weekends and technology don’t mix. Hopefully I can redeem myself in June when I will be presenting at RVNUG on ASP.NET MVC. At least that is during the week!

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