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Computer Graphics – Assignment 2

February 24, 2009

As I wrote previously, my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are currently occupied in “academic pursuits” at the local Community College.  Over the last several weeks we have been working on Assignment 2, and just this past week a follow on assignment.  I have finished both of these, so as promised here are my recent graphics.

Assignment 2 – Company Logo

For this assignment, we were to create a logo for a company.  Most of us chose fictitious companies, so I chose “Grace Mandolins”, a custom mandolin luthiery.  Along with the company name, we were to select three keywords that we wanted our logo to convey.  For the logo, we had to produce three versions: full color, tinted, and black and white.  And then also for each one we had to produce a scaled down version.  My final image below is a single document representing all of these variations:

Logo Assignment, final version

Logo Assignment, final version

I did the B&W version first and I really liked it.  I’m not wild about the full color version, but once I understood Tinting and arrived at the tinted version above that quickly became my favorite.

Assignment 2A

The follow up assignment to the logo above was to then use the logo and create a business card.  This was largely a lesson in Typography, where we studied text sizing, alignment, fonts, etc.  I used the tinted approach and logo from above to create the following business card:

Business Card assignment final versiononline casino

Business Card assignment final version

I was pretty pleased with the way this turned out.  It breaks a couple of rules: it is largely centered and very balanced, but if it works, breaking a few rules is OK!

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