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Site Updates and Issues

July 20, 2009

Howdy Reader,

I have made a few updates to the site.  Nothing big, but I wanted to go ahead and log them as a point of reference.


I’ve been having an issue recently with my MySQL server. It appears that on occasion it will shut down access because of too many failed login attempts.  Of course, it makes me wonder who or what is causing the problem, but for now I just have to catch it and clear the hosts file to reset it. 

Unfortunately, when it is happening the site is completely unavailable.  If you see the site having trouble in the future, like a database connection isn’t working, please DM or @ me on Twitter and I’ll fix it.

I’ve also been having some connection issues with Akismet. The plug-in is reporting that 2 of the servers will connect but 2 others won’t.  See updates below for more…


I updated today to WordPress 2.8.2.  The update seemed to hang for a log time on a blank screen, something that has not been an issue in previous updates.  I was getting nervous for a while but it finally flashed up and appears to have completed normally.

I found the WP-SpamFree plugin, which promises to eliminate Comment Spam.  Akismet has been doing fine, but I still have to moderate a few everyday.  We’ll see if this new plug-in fares any better.

On the same note, the plug-in also includes a spam free Contact page.  I’ve enabled it, so if you wish to send contact me through the site, go to the Contact Me page (listed on the right under ‘Pages’).

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