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Giving Back at Southern Maryland Give Camp

March 16, 2010

Hey Folks, I’ve mentioned before that I will be participating in the first Give Camp in the Mid Atlantic region, the Southern Maryland Give Camp.  The event is this weekend, so I wanted to give one more plug in hopes of finding a few more volunteers…

What is Give Camp?

Give Camp is essentially “Coding for Charity”, an opportunity for us geek types to help out nonprofits by donating valuable programming time and resources.  This weekend event promises to be a real challenge: basically 48 hours to design, develop, and deliver real world applications that otherwise the nonprofit agencies could not afford.  Of course, it will also be a great chance to socialize with other developers: I for one expect to learn a lot in the process!

Cool, give me the details!

The event is fast approaching: this weekend, Mar 19-21, a slew of developers, DBAs, designers, and other volunteers will be descending on St. Mary’s College of Maryland.  As of this writing there are 87 registered volunteers for 19 nonprofit projects.  That sound great, but we need 100!

Obviously, the more people we get the more good we can do, but there are a couple of added bonuses if we hit that mark.  First of all, the event organizer, Jim Pendarvis, has promised to have his head shaved on a live video stream and then posted on YouTube!  In addition, our beloved Microsoft Developer Evangleist, G. Andrew Duthie (aka The DevHammer), has promised to have his head shaved into a Mohawk  – although he declined to have the same done to his mustache 🙂

Whatever your motivation, the event could sure use your help!  Go sign up today!

Other Give Camp News

You can follow the event at SOMDGC, and the official hashtag will be #DCAGC.

You can read the University’s press release about Give Camp.

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