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Roanoke Code Camp 3

February 11, 2009 2 comments

Roanoke Code Camp 2009 is happening in just a couple short weeks.

Roanoke Code Camp 2009

Description from the site:

The Roanoke Valley .NET User Group (RV.NUG) , with support from Microsoft, the International .NET Association (INETA) is hosting the third Roanoke Code Camp on Saturday, March 7th at Virginia Western Community College. This is an all-day, all-free event consisting of 4-5 tracks for a total of 20-25 presentations.  Topics include Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework, SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint.

If you are a .NET developer in western Virginia, you can’t afford to miss this event!  An entire day of presentations on .NET, Sql Server, Sharepoint and more.  And best of all it’s FREE!

The slate of sessions looks awesome and includes some seriously talented people.  I am very excited to be among them: I’ll be presenting on WPF Templating and Data Binding using Expression Blend.  This will be my second time presenting at a Code Camp, and I am really looking forward to it.

If you have never been to a Code Camp before, you owe it to yourself to attend, so Register Today (it’s required), time is running out!

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